Married sex: how not to cool down?

Good sex is the cement of relationships. But sexual problems invariably arise in the process of living together, because a couple is made up of people with different habits and behavioural codes. How not to lose ardor and to maintain a high sexual tone for all the years of family life? – with this question to the sexologist turn most often.

It’s only been three years, and sex has become much less…

Reduced sexual activity with years of living together – a common phenomenon, and in General, normal. Another thing is that the partners themselves often perceive it as real sexual problems, signal trouble, and begin to be tormented by worries and doubts.

Of course, sexual life can “shake” through games or racy lingerie. But American sexologist Debbie Herbenick believes that spouses need to look for common interests beyond the bed (of course, not throwing at the same sex). Expert advises paired sports, dancing, yoga, and the more in the process of class partners will be to touch each other, the better. Not interfere with the injection of fresh blood like mountaineering and diving. Changing the usual way of life will certainly affect the behavior in bed the best way.

A quick final

Premature ejaculation spoils the life of many men. To control the process by using some techniques. So, during Masturbation a man can learn to seize the moment approximation of orgasm and stop seconds before him. The more you practice, the more likely that premature ejaculation will be under control.

Also sexologists advise to have sex in a very slow pace, alternating between sleepy smooth movements with sharp strong tremors. In addition, to prolong sexual intercourse a man is very useful to pump the pubic-coccygeal muscles. Here’s how: while urinating you need to pause and squeeze the muscles, count to 10 then let go. To be completed for 10 reps.

According to experts this is a very effective technique to prolong sexual intercourse. Strong pubic-coccygeal muscles help to control ejaculation.

Condoms harm erection

To wear a condom or not? Men quite often complain that the condom is their erection leaves much to be desired. Experts in this case suggest to extend the foreplay, thus giving the erection the opportunity to grow and Mature.
To put on a condom, by the way, it is better for the woman, complementing the process related caresses. In addition, the condom can add a vibrating ring that supports the erection at the proper level. Keep in mind that sex without a condom is a risk to health, even if you live a virtuous married life.

In some diseases (for example, erosion of the cervix in women) sex without a condom can cause a serious inflammation.

If a woman feels orgasm…

Lack of orgasm does not prevent many women get great pleasure from sex. But this does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. Try new positions, techniques and rhythms to find the option that will deliver your partner maximum pleasure.
Don’t need to go ask your partner “Well, you finished?”. Similar issues are annoying, even more than not too successful sex.

Is there a relationship between potency and food?

Yes! So, for example, it is seen that a good, steady potency in men occurs when it feeds on diverse (food monotony decreases the production of hormones). It is important that the diet was much dietary fiber, so be sure to include fruits and vegetables, oily fish at least twice a week, but limit the consumption of fatty meat, sweet and starchy foods.

For dessert it is better to eat honey. He is one of the main suppliers of natural analogues of androgens – male sex hormones. Honey is saturated with so-called phytoecdysteroids – harmless stimulants of male hormones.

Sports and potency

Active sports and active sex require from men a lot of time and energy costs. Therefore, in everyday life it is much better to do moderate exercise. At intensive sports activities the body can not withstand training and sports, and sex. Then, the quality of potency is able to decline.

What diseases are hitting potency?

All of which cause problems with blood flow. A man should avoid violations that provoke atherosclerosis, elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood and too low cholesterol, abdominal obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Together or apart?

Should surround the object of passion vigilant attention, as this object will rapidly get tired. So many family psychologists and sexologists advise couples to spend some time apart from each other. Partners better to avoid interdependence and to have private time to restore their own individuality. Otherwise they risk to merge into one stagnant entity, losing his own “I”.

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