Metropolitan urology revealed that 85% of Russians problems with potency

Chief urologist of Moscow Dmitry Pushkar reported that 85% of Muscovites and residents of other regions of the country have problems with erectile function. The doctor urged the men not to ignore even the most minor breaches of health and immediately seek help from professionals.

Among men aged 20 to 70 years, conducted a survey, the results of which showed that only 10-15% of respondents in normal erectile function and potency in General. This indicates that almost all have abnormalities, but men often ignored them.

“Concerned are they men? No, most believe that there is no problem, and do not go to doctors,” – said Pushkar.

He also stressed that seeking urologists with similar problems is a must. Since even the smallest deviations can lead to serious problems, such as prostate cancer. Indeed, statistics over the last decade suggests that the incidence of this type of cancer has increased in the capital up to 120%.

Prostate cancer in most men diagnosed in the last stages of development, when the tumor starts to go outside of the prostate. As one of the solutions to the problem, Dmitry Pushkar has suggested to open in Moscow male advice, then cancer can be prevented.

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