Poppy, increase the potency

Scientists have discovered that a dietary Supplement based on Maca, stimulates libido in men. Regular consumption of this exotic plant results in a significant increase sex drive in men. Another nice effect is the stronger sex becomes more stamina in sports training.

However, Maca is used to increase potency, as a sexual stimulant for centuries. In the 13th century, this plant was even forbidden, as it was provided by men too powerful erection. But until recently no clinical studies that have scientifically confirmed the power of Maca were conducted.

Researchers from the British University of Northumbria conducted an interesting experiment. They asked eight men to make a 40-mile bike trip two times. First time before taking Maca, and a second time after. The researchers then measured the level of libido in men by means of a special questionnaire.

Between the first and second visits was two days ago. It turned out that the reception of the plants were affected very beneficially on the health of men. Not only did they come all this way is much faster, but also demonstrated a stronger sexual desire.

Scientists believe that Maca increases the male sexual hormone testosterone, which is responsible not only for desire but also for sporting success. Now you only have to determine the dosage of this plant and to know what impact it has on women.

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