Sports and potency: what connects them?

In the escape from different situations and stress many men grab the dumbbells. This is a great “cure” but, more importantly, do not overdo the dose.

How to kill the Blues?

A few years ago an international group of scientists has presented shocking data that deep autumn depression effect on mortality as well as tobacco Smoking. “On account of its 850 thousand deaths every year,” said the doctors. Still, most experts believe if the notorious autumn melancholy — no more than seasonal frustration of mentality. However, this is little consolation: calculated, because spleen, fatigue at work, pre-new year rush and other physical and emotional congestion a quarter of the male population have problems with health, including in intimate life.

Sports treats or cripples?

According to experts, one of the best ways to experience autumn and the cold winter is a sport, and the men themselves are willing to sit down at the machines. Physical activity they associate with strength, endurance and “men’s health”. But often in the pursuit of muscles and sexual activity, many men start to abuse a sports food and preparations for endurance. But not all of them are harmless and can disrupt the digestive system and also adversely affect the General condition of the body, including sexual life. It’s all in the composition of these drugs. For building muscle mass and rapid recovery of strength they add proteins, soy protein, gluten (insoluble protein) and other components, not to mention the fact that until now, many sports complexes of power on steroids.

The dangers of anabolics known to all, but about the side effects protein diets are sometimes silent. In principle, proteins are safe for absolutely healthy people, but if there are problems with kidneys or individual intolerance of protein, the drug is contraindicated. You should also monitor the quality protein: cheap drugs may contain questionable additives, up to the same steroids. Gluten is also ambiguous because some men digestive system is not able to perceive it that cause flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and sometimes even reduction of muscle mass, that is, has the opposite effect.
Worst of all Affairs with soy protein. The fact that it contains phytoestrogens, similar to female hormone estrogen. According to studies, these phytochemicals with steroidogenesis effects affect the potency, reduce the quality of sperm in men and even lead to infertility, as found by scientists at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Another reason for the weakening of potency — is the inability of some men to dose loads and properly to have a rest after them more to sleep, eat well, walk in the fresh air. But between the absence of restoration and an erection direct link: like stress, tension affects the General condition of the body and, consequently, all its functions, including sex.

How to be a man?

To maintain health, not to succumb to autumn melancholy, and, most importantly, to be strong both physically and in bed, it is necessary to follow simple rules.

First, despite all love to meat, to Supplement their diet with fresh vegetables. This was said Gennady Onishchenko, chief sanitary doctor of Russia, in his interview to radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

Secondly, circumspectly to choose the preparations increasing endurance. You should avoid those that contain steroids, cheap protein, soy protein, gluten or other harmful components. Better to stop a choice on natural means. For example, the plant extract of Tribulus terrestris helps to build muscle, restore body’s vitality and libido. In large quantity it contains in the preparation Tribestan, thereby effectively removes the physical and male fatigue. Due to its composition, the drug also prevents atherosclerosis cause impotence in 60% of cases.

Thirdly, as advised by Leonid Sensitively, head of the Center of behavioural neurology of Institute of human brain them. Bechtereva, to have sex. While in Russia, this method of combating melancholy is resorted to only 13% of men, but experts hope that soon this momentum will go up.

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