Took the medication – became impotent

Problems with potency occur in men not only with age or because of constant stress. British urologists are convinced that their erectile dysfunction men are required to indiscriminate administration of the different drugs.

The more a man drinks of different drugs, the higher the chance to be one impotent. To such conclusion came the British surgeons, after examination, 37 of thousands of men of middle and old age.

It was found that the majority of men who agreed to be tested, every day drink at least three drugs, while some men take even more – up to ten different medications per day. Among the most common drugs that drinking men aged 49 to 69 years old, was a cure for depression, diabetes and hypertension.

After analyzing the situation, experts have found that the most dangerous of drugs, potent antidepressants, drugs for baldness and antihypertensives that reduce blood pressure.

Of course, there are men who are a complete rejection of the above drugs can cause more harm than good. But in any case, it is important to consider the fact that the stronger sex are often abused medications and often violate the prescribed medical standards, experts warn. Such men even a simple reduction of daily intake of drugs will allow, without harming your health, improve their erectile function.

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